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FEMINIST PRAGUE. Places where history was written

The exhibition shows a view of Prague history through the eyes of women who fought for the right to vote, for the opportunity to study and work, for decent pay and social security. The exhibition shows specific places and houses in Prague that we normally pass on our way to school, work, or a café, but we often don’t know that important milestones in feminist history took place there, which still affects us today.

And since efforts for equality are still needed, even in the 21st century we can show on the map that Prague was, is and will be feminist, and we have something to build on. Get started (and listen) to her story too!

How Time Passed… History of Women’s Movement in the Story of Anna Kovář

Period Context of the Exhibition

Halánek House (Náprstek Museum)

Women’s Czech Production Society

Minerva Girls’ Gymnasium

Seat of the Czech Women’s Club in Ve Smečkách

From Jiřina Šiklová’s Flat to Her Library

Texts and exhibition concept
Marie Koval and Markéta Štěpánová

Expert advisor
Milada Sekyrková

Graphic design
Tomáš Červenka

Sound and video
Jan Dufek and Ondřej Škoch

Narration of Anička Kovářová’s audio story
Marie Koval, Lucie Přibyl, Alice Škochová

Digital map implementation
Matouš Ettler and Johana Jonáková

Web design
Matouš Ettler

Lucie Přibyl

Hana Štěpánová

English translation
Jan Morávek

A special thanks goes to Campus Hybernská for providing its premises for the exhibition, to the Šikl family for its kind permission to exhibit the archival documents and lending specimens from Jiřina Šiklová’s estate, and to Jana Hradilková for her text on the history of Gender Studies in the Klimentská Street flat and lending a contemporary photograph.

The originals of the archival documents are deposited at the Eliška Krásnohorská Archive, Jiřina Šiklová Library, Gender Studies, o.p.s., at the Prague City Archives, at the Museum of Czech Literature Literary Archive, and at the National Museum.

Jiřina Šiklová Library

With almost 9000 volumes, the Jiřina Šiklová Library represents one of the largest libraries of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Here you will find a diverse portfolio of books and periodicals on topics like the labour market, reconciling work and private life, equal opportunities, education, gender stereotypes and discrimination, feminism, gender and queer studies, etc.