Women Can

Jiřina Šiklová Library in Prague

The Jiřina Šiklová Library is one of the largest libraries of its kind in Europe. You will find a wide range of books and journals on the topics of gender and labour market, reconciliation of work and personal life, equal opportunities, education and training, gender stereotypes and discrimination, feminism, gender and queer studies, etc. Apart from specialist literature, we also offer poetry, fiction and comic books.

Our Library was founded in 1992 in the apartment of Jiřina Šiklová, the founder of Gender Studies, sociologist and dissident. It has grown to its current size through cooperation with both Czech and foreign feminist and queer organisations, universities, publishers, foundations and individuals.

Even today we are an open space for meetings and collaboration, we organise events for the public and strive for international connections. As part of the project From Eliška Krásnohorská to Jiřina Šiklová, we cooperate with the Women’s History Archives of the National and University Libraries of Iceland, which, like our Eliška Krásnohorská Archive, make valuable archival documents from the history of the women’s movement available to the public.