How Time Passed…

History of Women’s Movement in the Story of Anna Kovář

Welcome! My name is Anna Kovář and I am going to guide you through this exhibition, my life, and the stories of the women in my family that will give you a sneak peek at the history of feminist Prague. Each panel with a building contains my picture and this is where you will learn more.

“My mother or I never got to see this building from inside. The lectures there were only held for the wealthy, and we were as poor as a church mouse.”

“This is where I used to lie in my cradle while my mother was studying typewriting, embroidery, and basic bookkeeping to earn a living wage for us.”

“I used to escort the young miss to Minerva, carrying her briefcase. The textbooks she would bring were pretty heavy, but wasn’t she proud of them! Indeed, she became one of the first girls allowed to take their matura exams.”

“I used to love this lively place! I would hit the typewriter to transcribe Františka Plamínková’s speeches until late at night. Good thing I had my own little sleeping closet there!”

“It all started with the library, which is still there! A feminist hive full of books, photos, and magazines… Because there is hardly a place without gender.”