Women Can

It All Began With Eliška Krásnohorská

Eliška Krásnohorská is mainly associated with her vast literary output and patriotism. Less well known, however, is her key role in the history of the Czech women’s movement. Krásnohorská was the initiator of women’s education in the Czech Republic. She established  a grammar school (gymnasium) for girls, the first of its kind in Central Europe. She also enabled the first women to attend university.

Thanks to Eliška Krásnohorská, women today can study, decide on their profession, choose their partner, live alone, play sports, vote, go for a walk alone or visit a café alone. 

The fact that nothing of this was commonplace at the turn of the century is the main topic of this exhibition.

Eliška Krásnohorská, Eliška Krásnohorská Archive, Gender Studies, o.p.s.

“To all Czech hearts I would like to

divide my heart by atoms;

my ardour in sparks to incite in them,

to pour my love into the souls of the young;

to see Czech enthusiasm, to ignite them again

into our horizon sunny, morning, spring –

then to lie at the elbow of our native land

and dream that I have not lived in vain.”